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Your initial appointment consists of two parts; a consult and treatment. Your first appointment has a longer consultation period than standard appointments to allow for thorough case taking, establishing clear diagnosis and ongoing treatment plan in order to achieve your health goals. The treatment involves receiving acupuncture, and auxiliary methods such as cupping, moxibustion and tui-na will be used if applicable.

You will have an opportunity to discuss a Herbal treatment plan and diet and lifestyle advice to compliment your treatment outside of the consult room.

Initial – Long (Natural & Assisted Fertility)

A longer initial appointment time is required for those seeking treatments for fertility or undergoing assisted reproduction. This allows for a complete and thorough case-taking and establishing a clear diagnosis in often complex situations. The second part to your appointment will be receiving treatment with acupuncture. Cupping, moxibustion and tui-na will be used if applicable. The final part to your consult will be discussing strategies for you to implement outside of the treatment room, including discussing a herbal treatment plan along with comprehensive self-care strategies and includes diet advice according to Chinese Medicine practices. Consults last for 75 minutes.


After your initial appointment, subsequent consults are usually necessary to complete your health goals or for periodic health maintenance and tune-ups (usually change of seasons).

During the consult time we discuss your progress and any other issues that may have arisen, along with answering any questions you may have. The remainder of the appointment is on the table receiving acupuncture (and cupping, moxibustion, tui-na if applicable).

Herbal treatments can also be introduced at this stage or tweaks to existing prescriptions to follow in line with diagnosis and treatment goals. Standard consultations run for 60 minutes.

Phone Consultation    

Rate for phone consultations for herbal medicine prescriptions. Not available to book online and for repeat clients only.

Constitutional Facial Rejuvenation

All the rage with celebrities, experience the powers of facial acupuncture for yourself! Look and feel your amazing with a natural facial using the powers of acupuncture to not only improve the appearance of the face, but overall health and wellbeing. This powerful method also involves diagnosis and treatment of constitutional pattern to support the restoration of skin quality and wellbeing. Improvements will be experienced in skin tone and quality, fine lines and discolouration, along with deep relaxation and marked improvement it sense of wellbeing. Many fine needles are inserted along lines of the face, and at specific points influencing the muscle condition and tone supporting the skin in those areas. A minimum of 5 treatments is recommended to see marked improvement. For exceptional outcomes, 10 treatments provide maximum effect and long lasting results. Maintenance sessions can be scheduled periodically to maintain results. This is a luxe internal-external treatment to look and feel amazing. Consults last for 75 minutes.

Please note that on occasion bruising may occur on the face and therefore it is unadvisable to have facial acupuncture in the week before a special event.

Under 12 years

A discount on applies for children under 12. Valid for both Initial and Standard consultations and treatment. Not available to book online.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicines may be prescribed as part of your ongoing treatment. Herbal medicines will be discussed with you during your consult. We stock herbs a three formats: pills, capsules, and raw


Stocking Black Pearl and Lan Zhou brand, pills are pre-made patent herbal formulations. They are easy and convenient to take while also being cost-effective. The downside is that they are general and unable to be tailored to your specific health presentation and can also be less potent and take longer to act. Single packet will last approximately 10 days (depending on dose).


Stocking China Med practitioner only capsules. Capsules are convenient way to take whole herbs which have been cooked, extracted and concentrated. More potent than pills and you need less quantity and they are faster acting. A single packet will last approximately 10 days (depending on dose).


Raw herbs are parts of plants which have been dried and/or pre-prepared based on Chinese medicine practices.

A formula prescription is created based on your consultation and individual needs. While you will be required to cook (decoct) the herbs for a period of time, it is completely satisfying taking part in your own healing.

Raw herbal formulas are generally the fastest acting and more potent. However they do have a reputation for being unpleasant tasting. Please do not let this deter you, as most people become quickly accustomed to the flavour and more often than not associate the taste with feeling better. We often have clients reporting that the herbs taste yummy!

Ceramic herbal cooking pots are a convenient way to decoct your herbs and are available for purchase.

Other products


Zheng Gu Sui and Eagle Brand are available for purchase. Great for muscle and joint soreness, stiffness and tensions. 

Cold & Flu medicines

We stock watermelon frost powder and lozenge. An exceptional herbal alternative for the relief of sore throat and mouth ulcers.

Nin Jiom cough syrup is suitable for all types of cough (and it tastes delicious too!).

Gan Mao Ling is a handy packet of pills to have around in the event of exposure to coughs colds or flus. Great to travel with to take after plane flights to prevent common cold or flu.

Feng Han Gan Mao is a delicious tea to have on hand and take at the very fist signs of a cold, especially if sneezing is present. It will stop the cold manifesting.

Gastric upsets

We stock a variety of herbal medicines to take in order to recover from gastric upsets rapidly, including the over indulgence in food and alcohol. Also a great travel aid to soothe travel belly.


Stocking smokless moxa sticks for the treatment of breech presentations (pregnancy), gout, and other aches and pains as prescribed by your practitioner.


We are proud stockists of Yarra Valley Tea Co teas – award winning premium certified organic and biodynamic teas.