Deary me – easily the most common question asked when talking diet improvements…”what can I eat for breakfast?”.

So I’ve decided instagram is the most efficient way to inspire breakfasting, posting (mostly) daily my breakfasts.

I’ve been ‘doing’ breakfast for oh, about 10 years now so I’ve had plenty of practice at getting creative and avoiding breakfast boredom. I practice the 80/20 rule so you will notice that some breakfasts seem to contradict my advice of a ‘warm moist breakfast’. Balance is easily the far superior advice unless you need rapid and strong results.

Yes, it’s going to take some organisation and perhaps getting out of bed a little earlier, but guys, it’s easily the best and most effective thing you can do for your wellbeing!

So, want to be inspired? Follow my instagram @indigo.chinesemedicine. I use the hashtag #breakfasteveryday so you can quickly find relevant posts.

What do you have for breakfast to avoid breakfast boredom?