I was recently gifted a book by a dear friend and fellow practitioner “The Game of Life and How to Play It”. Oh my goodness, what a game-changer! So much wisdom, so many gems that I feel like it is a book that everybody should be gifted as they enter adulthood, by way of a guide book to life.

It’s not a big book and gets straight to the point and examples are given to help understand the lesson.

Originally published in 1925, the content is so on-point that it’s relevant even in today’s terms. There are biblical references but keep an open mind for the references are relevant no matter what religion you subscribe to.

If you’re needing an empowering pick me up post winter, do yourself a favour and go out and get this book. I’ve already paid it forward and gifted it to 10 others and I’m told by one of the recipients (based in the UK) that she’s paid it forward also. This gift has made it’s way around the world and back again in no time.

Have you read it? What did you think? What was your favourite quote/s or lessons?