Did you know that the female egg is the body’s largest cell?

Despite being h-u-g-e, ovulation, or releasing of the egg from the ovaries, can be tricky for some girls. Anything from PCOS, endometriosis, stress and malfunctioning Hypothalamus-Pituritary-Ovary axis can impact the when and how’s of ovulation.

Chinese medicine understands certain mechanics behind ovulation, talking in terms of Jing, Yin, Blood and Qi regulation (and damp, but that’s a whole other topic). Practitioners can improve ovulation with herbs and acupuncture to help build these pre-requisites for smooth and timely release of the egg from well developed follicles.

Of course, there is work that you girls can do too. Adhering to dietary and lifestyle advice provided in consult are paramount to the treatment, and should not be discarded should you want best results.

I’ve been doing some extra study on fertility and assisted reproduction. The whole process is just so fascinating and it makes me just so humbled to be a part of so many journeys, helping many couples find joy in parenthood.