What an amazing week! Two clients gave birth to baby boys who arrived within 2 days of each other.

This little one’s birth came after a few weeks of pre-labour preparatory treatments, and an induction treatment, arriving a day before his due date.

Preparatory treatments begin around week 36 and involve acupuncture to encourage ripening the cervix, relaxing muscles, decreasing stress, easing back pain, boost general energy and stamina and facilitate correct positioning of the baby if required.

Acupuncture inductions uses specific acupuncture points that simply encourage the body’s own natural progression towards the onset of labour while providing a sense of control for expectant mothers – some are feeling very uncomfortable and ‘over it’ towards the end of term, especially if the due date has passed!

A natural, gentle, safe and empowering way to approach labour and induction.

Welcome to the world gorgeous boys <3 <3 <3