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Before we get started with your treatment, it is probably a good idea that we get the official stuff out of the way. Below contains important information which applies for all appointments.

Late Cancellation Policy

In order provide a valuable service the community, we have to put a late cancellation policy in place. Not only does it keep our clinic running smoothly, it also enables clients access to appointments when otherwise held in your name. Cancellations made under 24 hours are hard to fill as clients on wait-list have usually made plans. So, if you need to make a change to your appointment, please provide a minimum of 24 hours notice. We send out sms reminders 2 days prior in order to help you make relevant changes within the required timeframe.

Changes made under this notice period will automatically attract a cancellation fee of 100% of the consultation fee to cover the cost of appointments kindly held in your name. Payment must be made before being able to schedule further appointments. The only exception is personal and immediate family emergencies (and labour if you’re coming in for birth induction!). You are welcome to attend appointments with colds and flus as we have treatments available for both.

We we don’t like charging it, so please just give us enough notice. Thank you!

Payments & Private Health Rebates

All consultation and prescription costs are payable in full at the conclusion of your appointment.

For private health fund rebates please bring your health fund card with you. Due to HiCaps processing limitations, some health funds may not go through immediately, in which instance rebates can be claimed manually via your health fund claiming options.

Acupuncture is an allied health service covered by TAC under section 60 of the Transportation Accident Act 1986. Please note that a gap will apply between consult cost and that which TAC covers. Appointments will be privately billed and the applicant to access rebate via TAC directly. For more information and for amounts covered please visit the policy here.

Which appointment type to select

If you haven’t attended the clinic before, you will need to book an INITIAL consult.

If you are seeking treatment for natural fertility or undergoing Assisted Reproduction (IUI, IVF, ICI) please select INITIAL-LONG.

All returning clients to the clinic – regardless of location and practitioner – can book a STANDARD consultation. If you haven’t attended the clinic in some time and in rare instances, you may be charged a Standard-Long consult at the time of payment due to the time consuming nature of re-intake. This is at practitioner discretion and practitioners will notify you as soon as it becomes apparent.

Please do be aware that booking the incorrect consultation online will still attract the relevant fee at time of payment.

Arrival to your first appointment

Clients attending all INITIAL appointments will need to arrive 10 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment time to complete the necessary paperwork. If you prefer, you can head to the resources page to download and complete the following forms ahead of time:

  1. New Intake Form
  2. Informed Consent

If you have got this far we are seriously impressed! Thank you for taking the time to become familiar with the offical information. We look forward to a wonderful collaboration with you in your healthcare.